Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Monday, May 17, 2010

shiny black hairless syndrome

aka Chronic Paralysis Virus (CPV)
"...has been called a variety of names - "black robbers", or "little blacks" in Britain, Schwarzucht and mal noir or mal nero in continental Europe and "hairless black syndrome" in the USA. At first the affected bees can fly, but they become hairless, appearing dark or almost black and shiny which makes them seem smaller than usual. They suffer nibbling attacks by other bees in the colony, which may account for their hairlessness and they may be prevented from returning to the colony by guard bees, which makes them appear like robber bees. In a few days they become flightless, tremble and soon die..."

"...the characteristic symptoms comprising hairless-black syndrome... high mortality and various combinations of other symptoms, such as paralysis, withdrawal from the cluster, trembling, subjection to attack by healthy bees, and the hairless-black condition."

the saga continues,